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  • A director of the Yantai Martial Arts Association, the President of the Grand Ultimate Plum Blossom Throwing Hands Mantis Research Association, a member of the Chinese Martial Arts Association, has achieved the Chinese Martial Arts International grade of Band 7, is a Grade one Chinese martial arts international instructor.

  • An expert in both internal and external martial arts. He is currently ranked at level 8 in Chinese Martial Arts.

  • Master Qu began to learn Shaolin Fist at the age of 9 and progressed to Gongshi Ba Gua Palm when he was 11 years old. He wasthen honored with the opportunity to study Mantis Fist under Shifu XuWanlong (5th generation authentic Mantis Fist Master) and he was accepted as his 6th closed-door disciple. He learnt elementary, mid-level and advanced level Mantis Boxing including fist form and weapons (such as short staff, long staff, single broadsword, double sword, spear, dagger, hook, etc) and excelled in the mantis double-hand straight sword

  • After learning Mantis Boxing comprehensively, Master Qu spent many years studying various styles and forms of Gong Fu including Xingyi Fist, Taiji Fist and Dacheng Fist through visiting famous martial artists and doing friendly combat with them throughout domestic China.

  • He specializes in combat and Chinese Internal health-keeping Kungfu.

  • The Characteristics of his Kungfu are: fast and accurate, soft but powerful.

  • Having begun teaching from the age of 25, Master Qu has developed his own distinctive style and prides himself in his ability to adapt and tailor his lessons to students’ individual requirements. He has taken many of his students to national and provincial competitions and has won numerous gold plates. His students around the world are a testament to his skill, perfectionism, professionalism, patience and teaching ability.
Brief description: 曲培文


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